Saj Zaman

Chief Executive Officer & Project Lead

Saj Zaman is the founder of Finally Free Productions, a software software development company based in New York City. He brings with him more than 5 years of technology experience with various types of businesses and startups. Saj works with a clear goal in mind: to help businesses and enterprises launch successful web and mobile applications that are loved by users. Collaborating with his team of creative directors, project managers, designers and developers, Saj helps organizations build and market spectacular web and mobile products.

  • Project Management, Product Management, Digital Strategy, Design, UI/ UX
  • Education: B.S.

Ash Abir

Director of Project Management

Ash is the Director of Project Management at Finally Free Productions. He graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in Accounting and Business Management. He is in charge of the daily operations of the company and makes sure all of the projects are on track.

  • Specialties : Project Management, Strategy, Marketing
  • Education: B.S.


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